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About Christine

Sequence of Love

I am fascinated by sequences. Not only in movies, but particually in still images. Each photograph a fleeting moment savored in a blink of an eye, a different facette seen, impressions captured. Where authenticity speaks the language of nuances, gestures, movements, perspectives, in-between moments. A sequence told mindfully, visually connected by unity of location and/or unity of time creates a dreamy in-depth picture. It is a beautiful sequence of love.

Surfer of the creative flow.

I am a full time destination wedding photographer, but also a designer and creative director. I photograph weddings for over 10 years. I am a wild hair kinda woman. Most of the time up for adventure. I’m in my element when i am barefoot under the open sky, sitting by the ocean, swimming in a lake, foraging in the forest or hiking up a mountain with the people i love. I resonate with positive energies, connected love and conscious humans. I love sharing a good laugh. I see beauty in many places. I am an introvert that easily connects with beautiful souls. I love to surf the creative flow. I am endlessly inspired by wild beauty, soulful things and good design.

Reflecting love.

Each wedding is different and as unique as you are. Your collection of images will reflect your personality and the ‘Joie de Vivre’ of your celebration. To me photographing means to observe well, to be in a heightened state of awareness, to focus on what is important, to look beyond the obvious, to anticipate moments and most important to open my heart. I feel very honored to have photographed couples with all kinds of nationalities in destinations around the world.

Hopefully i will be photographing your celebration.


With Love, Christine