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Sunset Sailing | Santorini

Most images of this sunset sailing trip in Santorini were part of Shannon & Joss destination wedding weekend. The vintage boats of Santorini Cruises are pretty cool to have the best experience. Both for your wedding, elopement or just to have a good time with your family & friends. See also these photos on the ship and their wedding day. I loved the experience of being on the boat and sailing into the sunset. It was pretty rad to jump into the caldera or swim to hot water springs. If you ever come to Santorini, book a tour!




santorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographer

Alexandra & Ben | Paris Wedding | Chateau de Santeny

Thank you Alex & Ben for having me tell your beautiful wedding story. Life is amazing, when you think about the “coincidences” that have to happen for further events to follow. So this is the story. Ben and Alex met in Taipeh, Taiwan. Alex is french and Ben is american. Magic happens and they fall in love. So here i am driving over to Paris to photograph their wedding, also because i sat in a cafe in Shanghai 2 years earlier. Talking about the usual things with some friends (probably photography in the city) when i  got introduced to Ben. Ben is quite a passionate photographer himself and we kept following each others work. So some years forward i am photographing his wedding in Chateau de Santeny, Paris. On a side note, if i wouldn’t have been travelling to Cuba with Chris (who was shooting as second) 6 years ago, i probably wouldn’t have started with photography – but this is a long story. 

Sylvia & Derrick | Engagement Session | Shanghai

A Shanghai Engagement Session. The ingredients for this session were pretty cool. I am thankful for an energetic couple from Hong Kong. Positive energy came easy to us and we had some great conversations along the way. A  professional Make-Up Artist Team. Supportive drivers that know how to get around in the city. Golden light. Plenty of cold medicine thanks to the freezing  aircondition on the airplane. We also found a few great new locations to explore and mixed those with some classics. Like photographing at the Bund. Clearly adventurous bike moves around the city (thankfully nobody got hurt). Fun cafe and restaurant hopping and sampling.


It was a fun day exploring and photograohing this natural pre-wedding/engagement session around Shanghai. It was a sunny spring day in April, so the city never fails to impress. Sylvia and Derrick you rock. Thank you for having me create your portraits.

Shanghai prewedding sessions

A day in the life of a creative couple living in Shanghai. I had the pleasure of following Tiffany & Ben and Effie & Winston around town to their favorite neighboorhood places and weekend hang outs. Both being into architecture and design you could easily see their choices were pretty cool, creative and design driven. We started in their apartment, then biked around Taikang Lu neigbourhood including a visit to the local wet market and a short stroll through the streets of the former french concession and the bund. Both have lived and met in New York, so we thought it would be a must have to incorporate that flat iron heritage building on Wukang Lu that architectually ‘connects’ those two cities. Other than that we sampled lots of local deliciousness mixed with great conversations and laughter. 


Shanghai is lovely in spring and fall. This is a good time to do pre-wedding portraits around the city. Here are a few images from various shoots like the one with Tiffany & Ben and Effie & Winston. Both couples now live in Hong-Kong and both chose to take photos in the city they have lived and loved.


I have been living in Shanghai for some years and always love returning to this city that feel so familiar.

Melissa & Dung | Santorini

Santorini Couple Portraits | I loved the spirit of these two. The day after their wedding we went for couple portraits around Santorini. Both were so adventurous to hike around in their wedding shoes, even on rocky grounds. I love taking my couples to places that are off the beaten track most of the time. Balancing those images with the Santorini classics – white washed houses and caldera views. I also have a sweet spot for monochromatic backgrounds, the are textured but not overwhelming. However what is most important is, the energy of the couple and how well i can reflect their personalities in connection with these places.

Nandita & Brian | Kerala Wedding | Cochin India

We met in San Francisco through a common friend and after a few months Brice joined me in NY. We got engaged 5 years later, on holiday in the Florida Keys. We got married a year later.


We chose Kerala, India, Nandita’s birthplace. Our wedding took place at sunset under the coconut trees, at ‘Chittoor Kottaram’ – a heritage property. We were very lucky as it was the first time a wedding had been held there. Nandita wanted my family to experience a Kerala wedding in its purest form. We used jasmine flowers, banana leaves and hanging oil lamps that are native to Kerala and our ceremony was performed by Nandita’s uncle as per a centuries old tradition. The bridal party consisted of Nandita’s cousins and aunts – all dressed in shades of pink. The bridal saree was in ivory and gold with a flash of pink. Ivory and Gold are the traditional colors of Kerala sarees, and we added a pink band at the end to add a touch of color.

 The ceremony was quite special for us, and Nandita’s grandfather made an incredibly touching speech.


About working with Chris in one sentence.

Chris was amazing. We completely appreciated her dedication to capturing the joy and beauty of our wedding.

Santorini Prewedding Photography

Santorini Prewedding Photography always involve a bit of discovering adventure. Here is a collection of various prewedding and couple portrait sessions around the island. An island that never ceases to amaze, even if you have been there many times before. 


More to discover


Santorini Pre-Wedding Photography


Ny & Dean | Santorini

La Pause | Marrakech Desert

La Pause | Marrakech Desert. 30 kilometers from Marrakech, in the anciently named “Désert Marrakchi”, La Pause nestles in the arid beauty of the Agafay hills. An exquisite refreshing oasis bordered by a river, La Pause is embedded in a dramatic landscape overlooking the vast Moroccan wilderness.


This place is very unique. A place to get in touch with yourself. With nature, the elements, the earth, the stars, your lover. It was pure delight spending some time here for Gabriella & Danny’s free-spirited wedding. Capturing a few essences of this place along the way.




La Pause Marrakech lapause marrakech wedding photographer lapause marrakech wedding photographer lapause marrakech wedding photographer

Gabriella & Danny | Marrakech

COUPLE PORTRAITS MARRAKECH | These two had an amazing time in Riad El Fenn and around Marrakech. Room to explore, wander, ponder, discover and enjoy. I love Marrakech and its street vibes. And so did Gabriella & Danny.



pre-wedding photography marrakech pre-wedding photography marrakech pre-wedding photography marrakech lapause marrakech wedding photographer