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When i received the first email from Shannon & Joss and how they envisioned their destination wedding to be, i was beyond excited. The couple lives in Brisbane, Australia and both of them have a close connection to the ocean. They seemed pretty free spirited and wanted to celebrate a weekend in Greece with their close family and friends. There are a few people, that you feel the connection right away and Shannon & Joss were one of these people. Their destination wedding weekend was indeed epic for many reasons. Both created a wedding weekend that felt authentic and a beautiful reflection of who they are.

The sunrise after their wedding we went for a event more intimate celebration up on the hills of Oia, where there shared beautiful and intimate moments, surrounded by nature, ocean views, the winds and the beautiful silence that you find in more secluded parts of the island. After the shoot everyone went rock jumping followed by lunch in Amoudi Bay. Possibly the highlight of the wedding weekend was the sunset sailing cruise.


‘We wanted a natural, effortless shoot that combined nature and would  tell our story of ‘the pirate and the gypsy mermaid’.  The angles, use of light, use of our natural surroundings, Chris absolutely nailed it. Her photos are magical and are seen to capture the sense of euphoria (that I can now confirm) that two people, in love, experience on their wedding days.‘  Shannon + Joss




Perissa | Santorini

This beach editorial was created in collaboration with surfer girl Birte Heitmann, who is also the model and stylist for this shooting. Taken at the beach of Perissa in Santorini ‘waiting for Mr. Right’ is a story of longing and waiting. An early morning beach style project sparked by white wine, greek food and serendipity. It was so much fun creating this and i would be open to see your brand featured in the next shoot. Thank you Christina for assisting, creative input, fun entertainment and friendship.


‘Patience is hard. Embraces gone lost, missed. Circumstances change easily. Still waiting for my Mr. Right.’

Nyree | Santorini

I am inspired by natural & effortless beauty. Reflecting personality in my images, finding beauty in realness and reaching a deeper understanding for a person in front of me, is something i am looking for. Especially with my camera. When i photograph someone, i feel i get a glimpse into their soul and see them in a more facetted way. I love putting focus on the lighthearted, sunny side of someone’s personality, believing what you put your focus on will multiply and resonate with you. I also focus on working with what is present, without influencing or directing much. Every portrait is different and feeling the energy and vibes is important.


Nyree’s energy brimmed with happiness during our portrait session. We created these images at sunset outside of Oia, the day before her wedding to Dean at Andronis Suites. I totally admire her relaxed anticipation and confident excitement that shines through. Also love her impromptu bouquet we used for this session. A few branches of bougainvillea that she picked along the way. Their wedding was beautiful, emotional and filled with happy tears, joyful laughter and some windy veil moments. Find the story of their wedding on my wedding page portfolio. You can also see the couple portaits together with Dean in my portrait portfolio.

Shannon | Greek Islands

This portrait of Shannon is part of this full wedding weekend story photographed in Santorini, Greece. Shannon wore a two piece wedding dress custom made by Baboushka Ballerina. Fabio Zardi is the flower designer of her bouquet and flower crown.

The whole weekend could not have been more exciting, adventurous and fun. Shannon & Joss created a weekend that left everyone happy. If you travel to Santorini for your wedding or honeymoon make sure you book a sunset sailing trip. It is one of the magical highlights to do on the island. You will swim into hot springs and jump into pools. So check out the full story 🙂



santorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographer

The sailor’s wedding | Santorini

This sailboat wedding really made me the happiest photographer. I love being on the water and the crew was a crowd of relaxed australians. We all had a pretty good time sailing in the middle of Santorini’s caldera. See the full story of their destination wedding weekend here.




We selected Chris Spira for our photography. I took one look at her images and knew she had to photograph our wedding.  Christine’ photos are magical and are seen to capture the sense of euphoria (that I can now confirm) that two people, in love, experience on their wedding days.





santorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographer

Grace Hotel | Santorini

Grace Hotel Santorini is a treat for the minimal senses. Its graphic design and interior is reduced to whites, blues and neutral tones. Plus looking at the ocean all day is a an experience that is soothing and refreshing alike. See also this intimate wedding that i photographed at the hotel.

Kirsty & Andrew celebrated their wedding on the private terrace of the hotel. The dinner reception was next to the pool, which has the most amazing sunset light possible. There are many amazing venues in Santorini, but Grace Hotel is one of the stylish highlights of the island if you love small boutique hotels.


santorini wedding couple first kiss

Shannon & Joss | The pirate and the gypsy mermaid | Santorini

When a pirate marries a gypsy, all of the elements come together to make it an incredible event. This is a story of love, swallows, hummingbirds, dragons and sailing boats. Of mermaids, wildflowers, naked cakes and barefoot dancing. Rock jumping, salty skin, sunset sailing and an incredible good time.


‘We selected Chris Spira for our photography. I took one look at her images and knew she had to photograph our wedding. Her photos are magical and capture the sense of euphoria (that I can now confirm) that two people, in love, experience on their wedding days. Chris was very easy to talk to and as we were in Australia and she, Germany we skyped & spoke of things we wanted to incorporate. We felt so at home and comfortable with Chris! Even Joss who doesn’t really like the limelight loved working with her.


We wanted to a natural, effortless shoot that combined nature and told the story of ‘the pirate and the gypsy mermaid’ the angles, use of light, use of our natural surroundings, Chris absolutely nailed it. I couldn’t recommend her any higher. She blended in as one of our close group and I will definitely be calling her to capture the next milestone in our lives!’ Shannon & Joss


Shannon and Joss exchanged their vows at Marizan Caves. They jumped off  Bella Aurora, a historic sail boat. Shannon’s two piece wedding dress is custom made by Brisbane Designer Babushka Ballerina. The wedding planner was Fabio Zardi.





santorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographersantorini wedding photographer

happy couple at elopement in santorini, greece

Aryn & Scott | Santorini Elopement

Aryn & Scott eloped in Santorini, Greece. Coming all the way from Chicago they were hoping for an intimate wedding in the Mediterranean with gorgeous summer weather. Santorini is known for its sunlit white washed houses beautifully complementing the blue ocean views. The perfect place for an elopement. 


And it rained that day. Yet it was an incredible beautiful and heartfelt experience. Because these two were enjoying the moment no matter what. They just rolled with it and were laughing & kissing in the rain. Their vow exchange was incredibly intimate and thoughtfully prepared. I am still getting goosebumps thinking about it.  And as a bonus we had a few sunny moments when doing the portraits just outside of Oia earlier that day. Santorini never fails to impress, even with rainy weather.


About working with Chris : ‘Chris is a total professional. Her ability to roll with our change in weather and still come up with fantastic photos proves her skill and worth. I have fond memories of us huddling/posing under a rock ledge in a downpour and watching Chris crouch under a very short rock with her camera wrapped up quickly in a scarf to try and keep dry while she shot. True professional.’ Aryn & Scott

Aryn | Santorini

Modern Bride Santorini | See also this brides’ elopement and couple photos. That moment when everything is pure gold and the light works magic for a few minutes. Although it rained on their day we managed to get some pretty unique lighting, which i am very happy about. Meeting these two in Oia Santorini was the perfect choice. We drove around a bit to explore some scenic spots. Places i love to go to when shooting, since most of them are not crowded with people. The island can be pretty packed, especially in summer. And it is always good to avoid the touristy crowds.


Kirsty & Andrew | Grace Hotel | Santorini

Santorini’s light leaves me speechless all the time. Each sunset is breathtaking. And each changing of the light is beautiful to observe. Endless ocean views. Touched timelessness. Stillness of hearts. Moments that are burned in your memory. Kirsty and Andrew’s elegant wedding had so many moments of magic. Of amazing light and love. Both inwards and outwards. Having the last rays of light kissing Kirsty’s dress felt like the perfect end of their day. Vows exchanged and treasured on this greek island. The couple came from the UK to this Santorini with their friends and family to celebrate their intimate destination wedding on the terrace of GRACE hotel. Decoration and planning was brought to perfection by Stella and Moscha.