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My reason why

Recently I have been reflecting a lot about my reason why. Why i love photographing weddings. People in love. Why i love capturing moments. What kind of emotions drive me. There are many beautiful quotes about photography. One of my favorite one is:


“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” Marc Riboud


And it so resonates with me. I have this innate wish to see life in slow motion. Because there is so much beauty happening each and every moment, fast and with great intensity. In a blink of an eye things pass by in front of you. And to keep them treasured is simply beautiful. To give a moment a deeper meaning by looking at it from a closer perspective. Each one of us sees things differently. This is my way of seeing. To see angles, that might have gone missed otherwise. Details. Gestures. Looks. Inbetween moments. To see beyond the obvious. To seek truth and beauty – with a certain visual aesthetic. My aesthetic.

Connections are the core of life. Love is the most precious emotion. To connect with love, to see things with love is what i live for. I also believe that what you put your focus on, will grow and expand. And the world needs love.

I photographed this joyful wedding in Berlin a few years back. Still it feels like it could have happened yesterday. Emotions & moments are timeless. See the full post here.