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“Best decision we made.” Jennie & Cezar, Dubai.



“Professional and passionate.” Iris & Issac, Hong Kong



“Thanks to you Chris for really ‘getting’ us!” Weiwei & Phil, Shanghai.



“Die Bilder sind alle so unglaublich schön geworden, so natürlich, voller Leben und Liebe… Wir können gar nicht aufhören von den Fotos zu schwärmen”. Thao & Thorsten




“It was such a pleasure to have the company of Chris that day. She has an ability to make people relax and warm up to her quickly. She is good at capturing your natural moments. I love how she explores and experiments new spots.”
Evelyn & Ken, UK.



“We will be sure to recommend you to anyone in the future”. Claudia & Darius, Bretagne.



“You truly have a natural talent to capture people at just the right moment and to tell the whole story through your lens…Heartfelt and beautiful documentation of our wedding. ”
Tiffany & Markus, Berlin.



“The images are so much better than my wildest dream! We think we couldn’t have got a better photographer!”
Candice & Tom, Shanghai



“You helped to make my dream come true.” Svetlana & Andrew, Shanghai



“We watched and the tears of joy & happiness followed!” Elsa & Ealdon, Shanghai



“We have had so many people compliment us on how wonderful our wedding photos look.
We were so impressed with Chris’ energy and enthusiam”.
Evelyn & Daniel, Berlin



I’m talking about a great friend and a friendship that luckily were able to keep up even never being in the same country at the same time…Chris is just a pleasure to have her around. She calms you when needed, she cheers you up when needed, she makes you lough to tears (always), she dries your tears when needed, she makes you feel close to her even when your apart. And the outstanding thing is she always knows what you need when. Chris is a very special person that more than once inspired me how to see things and how to approach things. I always knew that one day I’d love to have her doing the pictures of our wedding day because I wanted to share all the emotions with her. Behind and infront of the camera. You feel her presence without ever seeing her taking pictures.

Carolin & Carlo, Italy



“Es hat so viel Spass gemacht, sie um sich zu haben und zu sehen, mit welcher Hingabe sie fotografiert… Imke & Christian, Germany

 I am beyond grateful for these kind words received from