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Cultural weddings & mixed marriages

shanghai bride wearing a qipao at chinese wedding
swirling derwish at international wedding at Cirangan palace in Istanbul
modern chinese bride at destination wedding in asia


Chris is a well traveled wedding photographer. She photographs international weddings around the world, embracing couples with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Having lived in Shanghai for a few years, she brings a more indepth understanding for asian especially chinese culture.


If you are looking for modern wedding photography created from a kind hearted artist please do get in touch below.
Having lived in a different culture was an incredible experience that formed me as a person and photographer. We are all so beautiful and unique, including the variety we bring into this one tribe called human.  I feel honored and furtunate to have captured many stunning weddings around the world with couples bringing in their colorful stories into wedding ceremonies.
giving thanks and respect to family at chinese tea ceremony
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korean hanbok wedding dress
shanghai bride wearing a qipao at chinese wedding
indian wedding ceremony
groom at indian wedding in mumbai
mixed marriage wedding in thailand
honey ceremony at persian-british wedding in Santorini
thai orchids at modern chinese wedding in koh samui
kerala ceremony set-up at indian wedding in mumbai


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